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May 31st - June 2nd
July 5th-7th
August 2nd-4th
August 30th - September 1st


Facts of our Plant Medicine Ceremony 

– 2 till 4 ceremony nights (depending on retreat) –

– Individual call with us before ceremony –

– Small groups! Usually 5-10 people per retreat –

– Beautiful house in the mountains close to Medellín/Colombia and international airport “José María Córdova” (MDE) –

– We consider your individual diet if you have one –

– We are multi-lingual (English, Spanish, German) –

– Speech and sharing circles –

– 24 hour support –

– Private WhatsApp-Group –

– This is included in the price: personal call, preparation advice before retreat + personal assistance, accommodation, 2x meals per day, plant medicine broth + other ancestral medicines such as “Rapé”, trips to nature, post ceremony integration – 

– Every 4-Night-Ceremony can be booked for 2 nights (depending on how long you want to stay) –

CONTACT US: +49 178 1988 459

Why 4 days of Plant Medicine?

Plant Medicine ceremonies often involve multiple sessions held over consecutive days. By participating in a four-day retreat, you have the opportunity to engage in several ceremonies, allowing for a deeper exploration of the medicine's effects. Each ceremony can build upon the previous one, facilitating a more profound and transformative experience. Spiritual journeys can be intense and emotionally challenging. Having multiple days to process and integrate the insights and experiences gained during the ceremonies can be invaluable. A four-day retreat allows for dedicated time and space to reflect, journal, and discuss your experiences with facilitators and fellow participants, enhancing the integration process.

Medicinal retreats often foster a sense of community among participants. Over the course of four days, you can build connections, share experiences, and receive support from others who are on a similar journey. The support and camaraderie can be comforting and helpful in navigating the challenges and insights that arise during the retreat.

Longer retreat durations provide more opportunities for personal growth and exploration. The extended timeframe allows for a more comprehensive exploration of one's intentions, emotions, and underlying patterns. It offers the chance to dive deeper into personal healing, self-discovery, and spiritual development.

A four-day retreat often includes additional activities designed to support the spiritual experience, such as integration workshops, speech circles, yoga, meditation, and individual therapy. These activities can complement the plant medicine ceremonies, providing additional tools and practices for personal growth and integration.

A retreat setting provides a supportive and focused environment for healing and transformation. Being away from the distractions of everyday life and immersing yourself in nature, away from familiar triggers and responsibilities, can enhance the healing process and allow for deeper introspection. You take time just for yourself in order to disconnect from the surroundings you are used to, so that you can do an emotional detox and focus on your introsprection and healing process. 


Plant Medicine FAQ´s

What is Plant Medicine?

The plant medicine we use is a cooked broth that originates from the Amazon rainforest. It is made by combining the vine with the leaves. The broth has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes for spiritual and healing purposes.

What can I expect from a medicinal retreat?

Our medicinal retreats offer a structured environment for the participants, led by an experienced, indigineous shamans. During the ceremonies, participants consume the medicinal broth several times and typically experience profound introspection, spiritual insights, emotional healing, and transformative experiences.

Are plant medicine retreats safe?

Plant Medicine Ceremonies can sometimes be intense and emotionally challenging, but when conducted responsibly and under the guidance of experienced facilitators, they are very safe.

How long does a plant medicine retreat typically last?

Retreats can vary in duration, but they commonly range from a few days to a couple of weeks. The length of the retreat depends on the specific program and the objectives you wish to achieve. You can talk to the facilitators of the ceremonies before you book your retreat. 

Are there any requirements or restrictions to participate in a plant medicine retreat?

Each retreat center may have its own requirements and guidelines. Commonly, participants are required to be over 18 years old, physically and mentally stable, and free from certain medications or substances that could interact with the plant medicine. It is important to consult with our retreat center and disclose any relevant medical or psychological history.

What should I do to prepare for a retreat?

Preparing for a retreat involves various aspects. It typically includes following a specific diet  that excludes for example heavy foods, substances, and medications. Other preparations may involve setting intentions, practicing meditation, engaging in self-reflection, and educating yourself about plant medicine and the potential effects of it. When you book your retreat we will provide you a detailed preparation list. 

What happens after a medicinal retreat?

The integration phase after a medicinal retreat is crucial. This is the period where you incorporate the insights and experiences gained during the ceremonies into your daily life. In our retreats we will give you advice how you can integrate the lessons and changes into your life in a sustainable way.